Ubuntu Core Desktop: A Revolutionary Immutable Desktop Edition Arriving Soon


Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, recently unveiled details about its upcoming immutable desktop distro, Core Desktop. While the traditional desktop and server editions of Ubuntu will continue to exist, Core Desktop introduces a whole new approach to desktop computing. In this article, we will explore the concept of immutable distros and discuss the unique features and advantages offered by Core Desktop.

Immutable Distro: Revolutionizing Desktop Computing:

1. Understanding Immutable Distros:

2. Ubuntu Core: A Revolutionary IoT Distro:

3. Rolling out Updates: A Phone-like Approach:

4. Key Players in the Immutable Distro Market:

5. Canonical’s Core Desktop: Building on Ubuntu Core

Advantages of Core Desktop:

1. Layers on Top of Ubuntu Core:

2. A Single Packaging System: Ubuntu Snap:

3. The Controversy Surrounding Snap:

4. Advantages over Competitors’ Tooling:

5. Avoiding Btrfs: Canonical’s Approach to Immutable Systems

Comparing Immutable Desktop Offerings:

1. SUSE’s MicroOS: A Look at Its Unique Features:

2. Red Hat’s Immutable Infrastructure with Atomic Host:

3. Exploring ChromeOS: Google’s Immutable Desktop OS:

4. Endless OS: An Educational Distro in the Immutable Space:

Future Implications and Expectations:

1. What Core Desktop Means for Ubuntu Users:

2. Impact on Traditional Desktop Computing:

3. Potential Use Cases for Core Desktop:

4. Will Immutable Distros Become the Industry Norm?


With the upcoming release of Ubuntu Core Desktop, Canonical is taking desktop computing to a whole new level. Immutable distros offer enhanced security, simplified updates, and a more reliable desktop environment. While the concept is not new to the Linux market, Core Desktop introduces unique features that set it apart from its competitors. As the next LTS Ubuntu arrives, users can look forward to experiencing the advantages of the immutable desktop edition firsthand.

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