Meta Collaborates with Hugging Face and Scaleway to Launch AI-Focused Startup Program at Station F in Paris


Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has joined forces with Hugging Face, a billion-dollar VC-backed startup, and European cloud infrastructure company Scaleway to introduce an AI-focused startup program at the renowned Station F startup megacampus in Paris. The primary objective of this initiative is to foster an “open and collaborative” approach to artificial intelligence (AI) development within the French technology landscape. The announcement comes at a crucial time, marked by a growing demand for regulatory measures and a significant debate between the “open” and “closed” AI realms.

1. The Drive for Openness in AI Development:

1.1 Meta’s Open Source AI Models:

As part of their commitment to openness, Meta has been actively open sourcing its generative AI models. By promoting accessibility and sharing knowledge, Meta aims to democratize the field of AI and inspire collaborative progress in the industry.

1.2 Hugging Face’s Role in the Open AI Movement:

Hugging Face, a venture capital-backed unicorn, serves as an open-source alternative to OpenAI. With initiatives like BigScience and offering open alternatives to widely adopted models such as ChatGPT, Hugging Face actively encourages open AI development. Their partnership with Meta aligns with the objective of fostering an open approach to AI advancement.

2. The New “AI Startup Program” at Station F:

2.1 Program Details:

Commencing today until December 1, 2023, startups interested in AI are invited to apply for the “AI Startup Program” at Station F. Out of the applicants, five winners will be chosen to participate in the accelerator program, running from January to June.

2.2 Embracing Open Foundation Models:

The selection process will prioritize startups that leverage open foundation models or demonstrate a willingness to integrate these models into their projects. Meta, Hugging Face, and Scaleway will evaluate applications, ensuring the chosen startups align with the collaborative and open vision of the program.

3. Benefits for Winning Startups:

3.1 Mentorship from Industry Experts:

The winning startups will receive extensive mentorship from researchers and engineers at Meta, gaining invaluable insights to enhance their AI projects and refine their strategies.

3.2 Access to Hugging Face’s Platforms and Tools:

Participating startups will have access to Hugging Face’s range of platforms and tools designed to facilitate AI development. This access will empower startups to leverage existing resources and accelerate their progress.

3.3 Computational Resources from Scaleway:

Scaleway, a leading European cloud infrastructure company, will provide startups with essential computational resources, enabling them to run complex AI algorithms and experiments effectively.

4. Democratizing AI in France:

4.1 The Economic and Technological Advantages:

The collaboration aims to bring the economic and technological benefits of open, state-of-the-art AI models to the French ecosystem. By nurturing openness and collaboration, the program strives to level the playing field and fuel innovation across industries.

4.2 Fostering Ethical AI:

Open-source AI models play a crucial role in advancing ethical AI solutions. Hugging Face CEO, Clement Delangue, emphasized the significance of open-source AI as a cornerstone for democratizing ethical AI in the present decade.


Meta’s partnership with Hugging Face and Scaleway to launch an AI-focused startup program at Station F represents a significant step forward for the French technology sector. By prioritizing openness and collaboration, this program strives to advance the development of AI and foster innovative and ethical solutions. The chosen startups will benefit from the guidance of industry experts, access to cutting-edge platforms, and essential computational resources, positioning them for success in the dynamic AI landscape.

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