The App Defense Alliance (ADA) Expands its Reach and Impact with Joint Development Foundation (JDF) Membership


The App Defense Alliance (ADA), established in 2019 by Google to tackle the proliferation of malicious Android apps on its Play app store, has recently joined the Joint Development Foundation (JDF). The JDF is a Linux Foundation initiative that aims to support organizations involved in technical specifications, standards development, and related efforts. This partnership marks a significant milestone for the ADA, as it paves the way for collaboration with major tech companies such as Meta (parent company of Facebook) and Microsoft. The primary objective of this union is to enhance app security by promoting the collaborative implementation of industry standards.

Expanding Beyond Malware Detection

Initially focused on detecting Android malware, the ADA has evolved to cover a broader spectrum of security challenges. Besides its core competency in malware detection, the alliance has also embraced areas such as malware mitigation, mobile app security assessments (MASA), and cloud app security assessments (CASA). By diversifying their scope, the ADA has positioned itself as a comprehensive resource for app security across various threat landscapes.

Growing Memberships

When it was first formed, the ADA consisted of renowned mobile security firms including ESET, Lookout, and Zimperium. Over time, the alliance has expanded its membership to include additional industry leaders. The notable inclusion of Trend Micro and McAfee has contributed to the ADA’s breadth of expertise and influence in the field of app security. Now, with the recent affiliation with the JDF, the ADA’s potential for growth has reached new heights, attracting major players from the tech industry.

ADA Moves towards Independence

By joining an independent foundation like the JDF, the ADA has demonstrated its commitment to ensuring transparency, accountability, and inclusivity. The decision to operate under the guidance and governance of the JDF signals a strategic shift toward broader industry participation and collaboration. This move will promote a more comprehensive and unified approach to app security by encouraging diverse perspectives and expertise.

Collaborative Implementation of Industry Standards

The core mission of this collaboration is to foster greater security standards implementation in the app development community. By aligning with the JDF, the ADA aims to create an environment where technical specifications, best practices, and security standards can be developed and shared more effectively. Collaborative efforts are crucial to combat emerging security threats and ensure a safer experience for users across different platforms.

ADA’s Steering Committee Expands

With its newfound partnership with the JDF, the ADA’s steering committee has gained two influential new members: Meta and Microsoft. The inclusion of Facebook’s parent company Meta and tech giant Microsoft further strengthens the ADA’s position and underscores the commitment of these organizations to improving app security. This influential steering committee will work together to shape the future of the ADA and set industry-wide standards for app security.


The joining of Google’s App Defense Alliance with the Joint Development Foundation marks a significant milestone in the quest for comprehensive app security. By expanding their focus, membership, and influence, the ADA has positioned itself at the forefront of combating malicious apps across various platforms. Through collaboration and industry-wide standards implementation, this strategic partnership aims to enhance the security of mobile and cloud-based applications. With the inclusion of major tech players like Meta and Microsoft, the ADA’s mission to safeguard the app ecosystem for all users becomes even more promising.

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