Prophetic: A New Frontier in Lucid Dreaming with Wearable Technology


Lucid dreaming has long fascinated individuals, offering a gateway to navigate mysterious realms of consciousness while remaining fully aware. Prophetic, a groundbreaking tech startup, is on a mission to make lucid dreaming accessible to a wider audience. Spearheaded by CEO Eric Wollberg and CTO Wesley Louis Berry III, Prophetic seeks to combine cutting-edge technologies like ultrasound and machine learning to revolutionize the world of dreams. This article delves into Prophetic’s ambitious goals, explores scientific research supporting the potential benefits of lucid dreaming, and investigates their collaboration with the prestigious Donders Institute to unlock the secrets of the dreaming mind.

1. Prophetic: Merging Technology and Dreams

Prophetic’s founders, Eric Wollberg and Wesley Louis Berry III, share their vision for merging advanced technologies to induce and stabilize lucid dreams. Discover the pivotal role of the wearable device called the Halo and how it aims to make lucid dreaming an everyday experience.

2. The Promise of Lucid Dreaming: Scientific Discoveries

Scientific research has begun to unravel the potential benefits of lucid dreams. This section explores studies supporting lucid dreams as a means of reducing PTSD-related nightmares, promoting mindfulness, and providing valuable insights into the nature of consciousness. Prophetic’s optimism is grounded in this growing body of scientific evidence.

3. Synergy with Donders Institute: Unlocking the Secrets of Dreaming

Prophetic is partnering with the respected Donders Institute, which specializes in neuroscience and cognition research, to generate a massive dataset of electroencephalogram (EEG) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) observations of lucid dreamers. Learn how this collaboration aims to explore the neurological basis of lucid dreaming and pave the way for groundbreaking advancements.

4. Transcranial Focused Ultrasound (TUS): A Revolutionary Approach

Central to Prophetic’s vision is the cutting-edge technology of transcranial focused ultrasound (TUS). Dive into the fascinating world of TUS and understand how this non-invasive technique can interact with neural activity and potentially induce or stabilize lucid dreams. Uncover the possibilities and limitations of this groundbreaking development.

5. The Journey towards a Lucid Dream: Halo Prototype and Machine Learning

Prophetic’s wearable headband prototype, the Halo, developed in collaboration with Card79, combines EEG data reading capabilities with machine learning models. Delve into the technology behind the Halo and explore Prophetic’s plan to leverage their partnership with the Donders Institute to train sophisticated machine learning algorithms. Understand how ultrasound transducers can stimulate precise neural activity, potentially leading to lucid dreams.


Prophetic stands at the forefront of an innovative movement, seeking to make lucid dreaming accessible to all with their wearable device, Halo. By partnering with the renowned Donders Institute and harnessing cutting-edge technologies like TUS, Prophetic aims to unlock the mysteries of the dreaming mind. While their concept may still be unexplored territory, Prophetic remains optimistic about the potential breakthroughs that lie ahead. With the fusion of technology and dreams, we may witness a revolution in exploring the depths of our consciousness.

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