Unveiling the Hidden Treasures: Ancient Extraterrestrial Planet Lurks within Earth

Introduction: Decoding the Enigma of Theia – The Mysterious Ancient Planet

1. The Giant-Impact Hypothesis: Traces of Theia on Earth

– Scientists’ consensus on the moon’s origins

– The absence of remnants from Theia in our solar system

2. Beneath Our Feet: A Startling Revelation of Hidden Slabs

– The new theory that challenges conventional wisdom

– Unveiling remnants of an ancient planet within Earth

3. LLVPs: Massive Low-Velocity Provinces discovered

– Geophysicists’ identification of enigmatic large low-velocity provinces

– First detection and their enigmatic nature

4. Dr. Qian Yuan: The Persistence and Resilience of a Geophysicist

– The rejection of Dr. Yuan’s proposal and his relentless pursuit

– Finding like-minded scientists who fueled Dr. Yuan’s research

5. A Revolutionary Model: Unveiling the Solid Structures

– The importance of size, consistency, and impact speed

– Models explaining the formation of solid structures from Theia’s remnants

6. Implications and Consequences: Enhancing the Giant-Impact Hypothesis

– Bridging gaps in the giant-impact hypothesis

– Enhancing our understanding of the moon’s formation

7. Collaborative Endeavors: A Diverse Range of Talent

– Multidisciplinary collaboration and institution involvement

– Coauthors from Arizona State, Caltech, NASA, and Shanghai Astronomical Observatory

Conclusion: Unearthing the Secrets Hidden within Earth’s Mantle

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