Plan S Unveils Ambitious Proposal for Open Access Research Publishing


The radical open-access initiative, Plan S, has announced a groundbreaking new plan to revolutionize research publishing. Going beyond its previous efforts, the group aims to make all versions of an article, along with peer-review reports, openly accessible from the outset, without any author fees. Additionally, authors will have complete control over when and where to publish their work, bypassing traditional publishers as gatekeepers. This proposal, prepared by a working group of publishing specialists and endorsed by influential funding agencies under cOAlition S, outlines a vision for a community-based and scholar-led open-research communication system that could transform the dissemination of scientific research.

A Shift in Publishing Paradigm:

The new proposal challenges the existing scholarly publishing landscape by promoting an alternative approach. Authors will have full autonomy in determining the initial publication of their findings, both before and after peer review. Publishers, on the other hand, will transition into service providers, focusing on tasks such as copy-editing, typesetting, and manuscript handling. This transformative vision could reshape the entire scientific publishing industry.

Potential for a Publishing Revolution:

If successfully implemented, the proposed changes could herald a revolution in science publishing. While each element of the plan has been individually tested and endorsed on a smaller scale, the overall proposal envisions a system that deviates significantly from the mainstream forms of scholarly communication seen today. Andrea Chiarelli, a consultant at Research Consulting in Nottingham, UK, affirms that the proposal signifies a complete departure from current norms.

The Road Ahead:

To gather feedback from the global research community, cOAlition S, in conjunction with Research Consulting, is launching a six-month feedback collection process. This initiative seeks to ensure that the proposed plan aligns with the needs of researchers worldwide and addresses concerns related to the changing publishing landscape. The feedback received during this period will allow for a thorough evaluation of the proposal’s feasibility and will likely shape its implementation.


Plan S’s latest proposal for open-access research publishing presents a step towards breaking free from traditional publishing models. By granting authors more control over their work and making scholarly communication more community-driven, this ambitious plan could rewrite the rules of scientific publishing. With a call for feedback from the research community now underway, the next few months will be crucial in determining the future of this revolutionary vision.

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