Google Registry Expands Domain Options with the Introduction of “.ing”


In a move that is expected to revolutionize the world of domain registration, Google Registry has taken a bold step by introducing a range of new options, one of which includes the highly anticipated “.ing” domain. This addition has sparked excitement and curiosity among tech enthusiasts, as it promises to inspire a sense of action and energy in the digital world. With the official launch and registration now open, companies and individuals alike have the opportunity to secure their own .ing domain and become part of this exciting new wave of online expression.

Pushing the Boundaries of Domain Names:

Google Registry has gained renown for its continuous efforts in expanding the horizons of domain naming conventions. This has included the successful introduction of domains like “.dev,” “.app,” and the soon-to-be-launched “.meme.” Each of these domains offers a unique opportunity for businesses and creators to craft their online identity in a way that reflects their brand and vision. The introduction of the “.ing” domain only solidifies Google Registry’s commitment to innovation and allows for even more creative avenues in online expression.

Registration Process and Partner Companies:

To secure a domain ending in “.ing,” interested individuals and businesses can visit the official “.ing” website. However, it’s important to note that there is an additional one-time fee during the Early Access Period, which runs until December 5, 2023. During this period, fees gradually decrease on a daily schedule, making it imperative for early adopters to take advantage of the reduced costs. Google Registry has partnered with reputable domain registration companies such as GoDaddy and 101Domain to ensure a seamless and reliable registration process.

Inspiring Action and Potential for Wordplay:

The introduction of the “.ing” domain endows businesses and individuals with an incredible opportunity to inspire action through their online presence. By incorporating this unique domain extension into their website addresses, companies can evoke a sense of dynamism and forward-thinking. The potential for wordplay within this domain is also undeniable, opening up endless possibilities for creative marketing campaigns and memorable online experiences.

Debut of New Domain Names:

As the registration for “.ing” domains opened, numerous forward-thinking companies wasted no time in embracing this innovative extension. The first wave of companies showcased their foresight and proactivity, ensuring they stood out in the ever-evolving digital landscape. By securing a .ing domain, these businesses have not only gained a competitive edge but have also positioned themselves as pioneers in this new era of online expression.

Pricing Structure and Availability:

Given the unique value and potential of the “.ing” domain extension, it is no surprise that pricing varies during the registration process. During “Phase 1,” registering a .ing domain could set you back over $1 million, a considerable investment for companies seeking exclusivity. However, as the registration period progresses through “Phase 9,” the price drops significantly to as low as $144.99. This pricing structure allows for flexibility and accessibility, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can participate in this exciting online revolution.


The introduction of the “.ing” domain by Google Registry marks a significant milestone in the world of online expression and branding. With its ability to evoke action and inspire creativity, the .ing domain offers businesses and individuals a unique opportunity to reshape their online identities. As more companies seize this opportunity, we can expect to witness remarkable marketing campaigns, innovative website addresses, and a surge of memorable online experiences. The era of .ing domains is here, and it’s time to harness their potential and be part of this digital transformation.

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