Bcachefs: A Promising Open-Source File System Merged into the Linux Kernel


Having struggled for some time to be accepted into the Linux kernel, the new open-source, copy-on-write file system known as Bcachefs has finally made it into the Linux 6.7 kernel. This unexpected merge has brought a lot of excitement among developers and experts in the field of file systems.

Unforeseen Progress: Linus Torvalds Lands Bcachefs

“Given the past struggles to get Bcachefs mainlined, I certainly didn’t expect to see Linus Torvalds act so soon on merging it,” writes Michael Larabel of Phoronix, a well-known tech news website. “But after it spent all of the 6.6 cycle within Linux-Next, overnight Linus Torvalds did in fact land this new file system developed by Kent Overstreet.”

Bcachefs Origin and Vision:

Bcachefs is derived from the bcache Linux kernel block layer cache and was announced by Kent Overstreet, the lead author of Bcache. The primary goal of Bcachefs is to provide high-performance capabilities comparable to established file systems like XFS and EXT4, while also incorporating advanced features found in Btrfs and ZFS.

Road to Completion: Challenges and Progress:

Although Bcachefs is still a work in progress, the recent merge into the Linux 6.7 kernel is a major milestone. The on-disk format and code for Bcachefs are still being finalized, and it is not yet ready for widespread use. However, initial performance results are promising, and while there are no guarantees, the developers assure users that their data would likely remain safe.

Impressive Features and Advantages:

Bcachefs demonstrates several notable features that make it a potential breakthrough in the world of file systems. Some of these features include support for multiple storage devices, built-in caching and tiering mechanisms, CRC32C checksumming for data integrity, Zlib transparent compression to save storage space, and the introduction of snapshots for efficient data management.

Moving Forward: Future Development and Enhancements:

With the merge into the Linux 6.7 kernel, the Bcachefs team can now focus on further development and addressing any bugs or issues that may arise during testing. The plan is to carefully refine the on-disk format and improve performance, stability, and security aspects. Additionally, the team intends to enhance Bcachefs with additional features, including robust support for snapshots, as part of their ongoing development efforts.

Potential Implications and Adoption:

As an open-source file system, Bcachefs holds great promise for the Linux community and beyond. If the development continues to progress smoothly and the file system reaches a stable state, Bcachefs could eventually become a serious contender alongside established file systems like XFS, EXT4, Btrfs, and ZFS. Its blend of high-performance attributes and innovative features makes it an appealing choice for a wide range of applications.


With its recent merge into the Linux 6.7 kernel, Bcachefs has successfully caught the attention of the Linux community. Although still in the developmental phase, the file system shows potential to provide performance on par with existing file systems, while also incorporating advanced features. The Bcachefs team’s ongoing efforts to refine and enhance the file system will likely play a crucial role in its eventual adoption and success.

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