Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger Downplays Rival Chipmakers Embracing Arm Architecture for PCs


In the face of growing competition from rival chipmakers developing processors based on the Arm architecture for PCs, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has expressed a dismissive attitude towards the potential threat. During Intel’s Q3 earnings call, Gelsinger downplayed the significance of Arm and Windows client alternatives, suggesting they have had relatively insignificant roles in the PC business. However, his remarks starkly contrasted with Microsoft’s estimation that Arm’s market share in the PC sector is set to increase from 14 percent to 25 percent by 2027. This article delves into Gelsinger’s stance on the matter while exploring potential implications for both Intel and the broader PC industry.

1. Pat Gelsinger’s Conflicting Perspective:

– Gelsinger’s assertion of Arm’s insignificance: A view at odds with Microsoft’s projection.

– Comparing Gelsinger’s attitude with Intel’s history of paranoia: Contrasting his position with former CEO Andy Grove’s “Only the Paranoid Survive” philosophy.

2. The Growing Popularity of Arm in the PC Market:

– Microsoft’s predictions: Examining the research suggesting Arm’s PC market share will rise significantly.

– Key factors driving Arm’s adoption: An exploration of the benefits and appeal of the Arm architecture for PC manufacturers.

3. Intel’s Response: Intel Foundry Services and Collaboration with Arm:

– Gelsinger’s vision: Intel’s willingness to collaborate with chipmakers embracing Arm architecture.

– Intel Foundry Services: Understanding the implications of Intel’s strategic partnership with Arm.

– Potential advantages for Intel: Exploring the benefits of producing Arm-based chips in Intel foundries.

4. The Broader Implications for the PC Industry:

– Intel’s dominance challenged: Assessing the potential impact of Arm’s rising popularity on Intel’s market share.

– Changing dynamics: How Intel’s response may shape the future of processor development and competition in the PC industry.

– Industry outlook: Analyzing the implications of Arm’s growth in the context of consumer demands and technological advancements.


While Pat Gelsinger downplays the competitive threat posed by chipmakers adopting the Arm architecture for PCs, industry dynamics suggest a different narrative. Microsoft’s projections, coupled with the strategic partnership between Intel and Arm, highlight the increasing significance of Arm-based processors. As the PC market evolves, it remains to be seen how Intel’s approach and the adoption of alternative architectures like Arm will shape the future of the industry.

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