Android 14 Faces Major Storage Bug, Locking Users Out of Devices


Android 14, the latest operating system from Google, is currently facing a severe storage bug that is causing users to be locked out of their devices. This issue is particularly problematic for users who utilize the “multiple profiles” feature. Comparable to encountering ransomware, this bug prevents users from accessing their device storage and impacts a wider range of devices than initially believed.

1. The Scope of the Storage Bug:

– Pixel 6, 6a, 7, 7a, Pixel Fold, and Pixel Tablet users are affected by this storage bug.

– Google issue tracker receives over 350 replies, but no response from Google has been reported.

– Assigned a medium priority level of “P2,” no active investigation is currently underway.

2. User Experiences and Troublesome Symptoms:

– Logs contain alarming messages like “Failed to open directory /data/media/0: Structure needs cleaning.”

– Users encounter boot loops, get stuck on a “Pixel is starting…” message, and are unable to take screenshots or access the camera app.

– Inability to view files on devices via USB connection to a PC.

– System UI and Settings repeatedly crash, rendering the device unusable without storage.

3. The Culprit: Android’s User-Profile System:

– The bug appears to be linked to Android’s user-profile system, which is designed to accommodate multiple users and separate work and personal profiles.

– Primary profiles, typically the most important ones, become inaccessible.

4. Encountering Ransomware-like Effects:

– Users equate this storage bug to being impacted by ransomware, unable to access device storage and essential functions.

– The inability to access files and use key features cripples the device’s usability.

5. Google’s Silence and Lack of Response:

– Despite numerous reports and user feedback, Google has not addressed the issue.

– The lack of response from Google leaves users frustrated and seeking solutions on their own.


The major storage bug affecting Android 14, particularly in devices utilizing the multiple profiles feature, has caused distress among users. With no official response or active investigation from Google, users are left grappling with the debilitating effects of this bug. Given the severity of the issue and its impact on various devices, a prompt resolution is crucial to restore normal functionality and user confidence in Android’s latest operating system.

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