$18 Million Settlement Reached in Age Discrimination Lawsuit against HP and HPE


After a protracted legal battle spanning over seven years, former employees of Hewlett Packard (HP) have emerged victorious in a class-action lawsuit. The lawsuit, which alleged age discrimination on the grounds of the US Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) and California state labor laws, resulted in an $18 million settlement. This article delves into the details of the case, the settlement terms, and the implications for HP and its offshoot, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

1. Discrimination Against Older Employees: A Long-Standing Issue

1.1. Background on the Allegations

1.2. The Split between HP and HPE in 2015 and Its Impact on Employees

2. Legal Battle: A David vs. Goliath Fight

2.1. The Class-Action Lawsuit

2.2. Adivsers and Strategies Employed by the Plaintiffs

2.3. HP and HPE’s Defense Amidst Denials

3. The Settlement: A Significant Victory for Former Employees

3.1. The Agreement and Its Terms

3.2. Compensation and Individual Recovery for Plaintiffs

3.3. Judicial Approval for the Settlement

4. Impact on HP and HPE: Reputational and Financial Consequences

4.1. Implications for Corporate Culture and Employee Relations

4.2. Financial Impact of the Settlement

4.3. Lessons Learned for HP and HPE

5. The Larger Context of Age Discrimination in the Workplace

5.1. Prevalence of Age Discrimination in Corporate America

5.2. Legal Landscape and Protections for Older Workers

5.3. Advocacy for Age Diversity and Inclusion


The $18 million settlement in the class-action lawsuit against HP and HPE marks a significant victory for the former employees who claimed age discrimination. Despite the lack of admissions of guilt from the companies, the settlement offers some level of compensation and reaffirms the importance of age diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This case serves as a reminder for corporations to review their employment practices and prioritize fair treatment for all employees, regardless of age.

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