“Threads: From Launch to Success – An Update on Meta’s Rapidly Growing App”


Threads, the social media app developed by Meta, has achieved remarkable success since its launch in July. With 100 million users within just a few days, Threads has quickly become a popular platform for public conversations. In a recent earnings call, Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg provided an update on the app’s progress, announcing that it now boasts “just under” 100 million monthly active users. This article explores the success of Threads and its potential for future growth.

1. Threads: A Rapid Rise to Popularity:

The launch of Threads witnessed an unprecedented surge in users, shooting up to 100 million within a few days. This rapid growth was a testament to the app’s appeal and its ability to capture the attention of users globally. While the growth rate has naturally slowed down, reaching close to the same number of active users is a significant milestone for any social media platform.

2. The Distinction: Users vs. Active Users:

Acknowledging the significance of this milestone, Zuckerberg pointed out the difference between “users” and “monthly active users.” Having 100 million “users” implies the total number of registered accounts, whereas 100 million “monthly active users” indicates the number of individuals consistently engaging with the platform. The latter metric showcases the true impact and engagement of Threads, demonstrating a loyal and vibrant user base.

3. Impressive Numbers, Despite EU Limitations:

What makes Threads’ success even more remarkable is the fact that it has achieved such a significant user base while not being available to millions of individuals residing in the European Union. Despite this limitation, the app has managed to thrive and grow rapidly, highlighting its global appeal and potential for further expansion.

4. Meta’s Ambitious Goal: A Billion-Person Conversations App:

Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has reaffirmed the company’s vision to transform Threads into a “billion-person public conversations app.” With the aim of fostering more positive interactions compared to its competitors, Meta envisions Threads as a hub for meaningful discussions and connections. The app’s current trajectory indicates that it is well on its way to realizing this ambitious goal.

5. The Competitive Landscape:

In a market saturated with social media platforms, Threads distinguishes itself by focusing on public conversations. With a commitment to fostering positivity and constructive dialogue, Meta intends to create an alternative to existing platforms that have been plagued by controversies surrounding their moderation policies and impact on mental health. By positioning Threads as a more wholesome experience, Meta has captured the interest of millions, and its user numbers continue to grow.


Threads’ success is a testament to its appeal and the growing demand for a platform that fosters positive public conversations. With “just under” 100 million monthly active users, Threads has not only surpassed expectations but has also established itself as a significant player in the social media landscape. With Meta’s ambitious vision and continuous efforts to improve the platform, the future of Threads seems bright, as it inches closer to becoming a billion-person conversations app fostering positivity and meaningful discussions.

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