T-Mobile Shelves Controversial Plan to Increase Rates for Older Customers


In a recent turn of events, T-Mobile has decided to walk back its plan to migrate customers from older, cheaper plans to more expensive ones. The decision comes after a leak exposed the company’s intentions, causing an uproar among customers. T-Mobile’s CEO, Mike Sievert, confirmed the reversal during an earnings call and highlighted the company’s commitment to finding the right solutions for its customers.

Test Sell Backfires: Customer Satisfaction Takes Priority

The leaked plans revealed that T-Mobile intended to raise rates for a specific group of users starting from their November billing cycle. However, after receiving significant feedback from customers, the company quickly realized that the proposed changes were not well-received. In response, Mike Sievert stated that T-Mobile conducts tests and pilots regularly to determine the best course of action. This particular trial, however, did not align with customer preferences and was promptly abandoned.

Limited Scope and Lack of Transparency in Communication

Initially, the leaked information prompted concerns about the extent of the rate increase and the number of customers affected by the changes. T-Mobile stated that the notices were only sent to a “small number” of users but failed to clarify what that meant. Furthermore, the company did not provide any additional details when pressed for answers. This lack of transparency left many customers anxious about the potential impact on their phone bills.

Lessons Learned: T-Mobile’s Focus on Customer Feedback

In light of the negative response from customers, T-Mobile executives acknowledged that the specific test sell was not aligned with customer preferences. Mike Sievert acknowledged the importance of customer satisfaction and emphasized that no official plan migrations had taken place. The company appreciated the feedback received and intends to leverage it as a learning opportunity for future tests and pilots.

Moving Forward: Continual Exploration of Customer-Centric Solutions

While T-Mobile has abandoned this particular rate increase plan, the company remains committed to finding ways to enhance customer value and increase revenue per user. Mike Katz, T-Mobile’s president of marketing, strategy, and products, stated that the company will continue to conduct tests and pilots aimed at delivering better options for its customers. This commitment ensures that T-Mobile customers can expect further exploration of innovative and user-centric plans, avoiding any potential dissatisfaction caused by abrupt changes.


In a surprising turn of events, T-Mobile decided to scrap its plan to increase rates for a select group of customers. The leaked information prompted a significant backlash, leading the company to prioritize customer satisfaction over immediate revenue gains. T-Mobile’s executives acknowledged the importance of customer feedback and pledged to keep experimenting with different strategies to deliver better solutions and value to their customers. As T-Mobile continues to evolve its offerings, customers can expect a renewed focus on transparency, communication, and tailored plans that meet their specific needs.

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