Sam Bankman-Fried Testifies in High-Stakes Cryptocurrency Fraud Trial


– An Overview of the Alleged Crimes: Misappropriation of Funds, Embezzlement, and False Statements

– The Risky Move: Sam Bankman-Fried Takes the Stand in His Own Defense

– Unusual Decision: Jury Sent Home as the Admissibility of Testimony is Considered

Examining the Terms of Service and Borrowed Funds

– Bankman-Fried’s Belief in Alameda’s Borrowing Rights as per FTX’s Terms of Service

– The Role of FTX Lawyers in Drafting the Terms of Service

– The Skimmed Over Sections: A Revelation and Its Implications

– Conversation with Lawyers: The Lack of Recall Regarding Alameda’s Use of Customer Money

The North Dimension Accounts and SEC Allegations

– The Alleged Use of Alameda as a “Payment Processor” to Hide Fund Transfers

– The Securities and Exchange Commission’s Claims of Misused Funds

– The Far-Reaching Consequences: Enrichment, Campaign Contributions, and Venture Investments

– False and Fraudulent Statements: Misleading Investors and Lenders

SBF’s Testimony and the Cross-Examination

– The Decision to Face Cross-Examination: Risk and Strategy

– Testimony Highlights: FTX’s Terms of Service, Loans, Hacking Incident, and Signal Use

Court Proceedings and Live Updates

– Judge Kaplan’s Unusual Move: Conducting a Hearing on Testimony Admissibility

– Latest Developments: Paywall-Free Live Updates on the Trial


– The Outcome Awaits: A Significant Turning Point in the Cryptocurrency Fraud Trial

– Accountability in the Cryptocurrency Industry: Implications for Regulation and Investor Confidence

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