iFixit Expands Product Line, Now Offering Genuine Replacement Parts for Microsoft Surface Devices


iFixit, the renowned repair website, has recently made an exciting announcement – the company is now selling genuine replacement parts for a range of Microsoft Surface devices. This development is set to empower Microsoft Surface users by providing them with a comprehensive suite of repair solutions. In addition to replacement parts, iFixit also offers disassembly videos, guides, and toolkits to facilitate the repair process.

1. iFixit Sets its Sights on Microsoft Surface: Offering Genuine Replacement Parts

In a move that will undoubtedly delight Microsoft Surface owners, iFixit has expanded its inventory to include genuine replacement parts for various Surface devices. By aligning itself with a popular and innovative brand such as Microsoft, iFixit aims to provide a reliable resource for repair and maintenance.

2. Comprehensive Parts Catalog: SSDs, Batteries, Screens, Kickstands, and More

With its latest product offering, iFixit caters to a broad range of repair needs. The company now provides SSDs, batteries, screens, kickstands, and a whole host of other parts for 15 Surface products. This extensive catalog ensures that users can find the specific replacement parts required to restore their devices to optimum working condition.

3. Supported Microsoft Surface Devices: Surface Pro 9, Surface Laptop 5, Surface Go 4, and More

iFixit’s commitment to user convenience is evident in its selection of supported devices. Among the Surface products covered are the Surface Pro 9, Surface Laptop 5, Surface Go 4, Surface Studio 2 Plus, and many others. By accommodating a wide range of devices, iFixit allows owners of various models to benefit from their repair services.

4. Empowering the User With Comprehensive Support: Disassembly Videos and Guides

In addition to supplying replacement parts, iFixit goes a step further in enabling users to take charge of their own repairs. The website offers detailed disassembly videos and guides for each supported Microsoft Surface product. These resources aim to provide step-by-step instructions, empowering users to successfully complete repairs themselves.

5. Essential Toolkits: Assisting Users Every Step of the Way

To facilitate repairs, iFixit also provides comprehensive toolkits that include essential tools such as opening tools, tweezers, drivers, and more. By offering these carefully curated kits, iFixit eliminates the need for users to search for individual tools, ensuring they have everything they need conveniently at hand.


iFixit’s recent expansion into providing genuine replacement parts for Microsoft Surface devices is a significant development for both companies. Surface owners can now rely on iFixit for high-quality replacement parts, disassembly resources, and toolkits, empowering them to undertake repairs with confidence. The partnership between iFixit and Microsoft ensures that users have access to expert repair solutions, extending the lifespan of their devices and reducing electronic waste.

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