Pope Francis Endorses Global Coding Initiative to Bridge Education Disparities


Pope Francis has thrown his support behind a global initiative to promote computer programming education for children. The Code with Pope project, spearheaded by Miron Mironiuk, founder of Cosmose AI, is aimed at addressing the stark education disparities prevalent worldwide. By offering Python coding education through the online learning platform Codeforia, students between the ages of 11 and 15 in Europe, Africa, and Latin America will have access to valuable programming skills.

Uniting Education and Technology

Pope Francis is no stranger to the importance of coding education. In collaboration with the tech-backed nonprofit Code.org in 2019, the Pontiff participated in writing a line of code, encouraging young people to explore the world of programming. This latest project further demonstrates his dedication to bridging the educational gap and ensuring that children have access to valuable technological skills.

Collaboration for a Greater Impact

The meeting between Miron Mironiuk and Pope Francis at the Vatican signifies the significant alliance between technology and the Catholic Church. Although Mironiuk doesn’t anticipate the Pope becoming proficient in Python, the support from the Vatican highlights the importance of this initiative in empowering young individuals across the globe.

Embracing AI for Good

Beyond supporting coding education, Pope Francis has also recognized the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) for positive change. By meeting with Microsoft President Brad Smith, who also serves as a Board member of Code.org, the Pope signed the Rome Call for AI Ethics. This event took place in conjunction with Microsoft’s massive $10 billion investment in OpenAI, further emphasizing the Church’s commitment to promoting ethics in emerging technologies.

Artificial Intelligence and Peace

In a groundbreaking move, Pope Francis has declared “Artificial Intelligence and Peace” as the theme for World Day of Peace in 2024. This forward-thinking approach to embracing AI highlights the Pope’s commitment to leveraging technology to foster peace and harmony in our increasingly interconnected world.

Tackling Educational Disparities

The Code with Pope initiative provides a beacon of hope in eradicating educational disparities. By offering coding education to children in regions such as Europe, Africa, and Latin America, the project aims to empower young individuals with skills that will drive innovation, create opportunities, and bridge the education divide.


Pope Francis’ endorsement of the Code with Pope initiative showcases the Catholic Church’s commitment to addressing global education disparities through noteworthy technological support. By endorsing coding education and emphasizing the significance of AI for good, the Pope advocates for a more inclusive and equitable world. With the Code with Pope initiative and the Pope’s continued focus on technology, we can expect significant advancements in empowering young individuals and creating a brighter future for all.

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