Moller Mobility Group Signals the End of an Era: Norwegian VW Importer to Cease Combustion Vehicle Sales in 2024


In a significant move towards achieving a zero-emission future, Moller Mobility Group, the importer of Volkswagen vehicles in Norway, has announced its decision to stop selling combustion engine cars in the country from 2024. With electric vehicles (EVs) already dominating new registrations in Norway, this transition seems both logical and timely. This article explores the reasons behind Moller Mobility Group’s decision and its implications for the automotive industry.

1. EV Revolution: Norway Paves the Way

1.1 The Triumph of Electric Cars in Norway

1.2 Setting an Ambitious Goal: Norway Aims for 100% Electric Vehicles by 2025

1.3 Government Initiatives and Incentives Propel EV Adoption

2. Moller Mobility Group’s Historical Contribution

2.1 75 Years of Importing Volkswagens

2.2 The Success of Electric Cars in Norway

2.3 The Final Farewell: The Last Golf Sold

3. A New Era Begins: Moller Mobility Group’s Vision

3.1 Ulf Tore Hekneby’s Ambitious Goals

3.2 Encouraging the Transition to Electric Vehicles

3.3 The Battle Against Climate Change: Individual and Collective Responsibility

4. The Tesla Model Y Reigns Supreme

4.1 The Tesla Phenomenon in Norway

4.2 Tesla Model Y Claims the Top Spot

4.3 Tesla’s Dominance and Its Impact on the Market


As Moller Mobility Group takes a bold step towards a sustainable future, the complete transformation of the Norwegian automotive landscape seems imminent. The decision to cease combustion vehicle sales in Norway from 2024 is a significant milestone in the global shift towards electric mobility. With the Tesla Model Y leading the market, it is clear that electric vehicles are no longer a niche choice but a mainstream preference in Norway. As other countries observe Norway’s progress, it is likely that similar initiatives will be adopted to accelerate the transition to an emission-free society worldwide.

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