Lenovo Unveils Motorola’s Bendable Smartphone Prototype at Tech World ’23


At the recent Lenovo Tech World ’23 event in Austin, Texas, Motorola showcased an innovative bendable smartphone prototype that can be wrapped around the wrist like a bracelet. This groundbreaking concept combines the functionality of a smartphone with the flexibility and portability of a wearable device. With its unique design and impressive adaptability, the bendable smartphone has sparked excitement and anticipation among tech enthusiasts.

1. A Flexible Marvel: Motorola’s Bendable Smartphone Prototype

Motorola’s bendable smartphone prototype stole the spotlight at Lenovo Tech World ’23, captivating the audience with its ingenious design. Lexi Valasek, the Lead for Motorola Mobility’s 312 Labs innovation strategy and product research, demonstrated the prototype on stage, showcasing its transformative capabilities.

2. The Allure of the Bendable Display: A Technological Marvel

The smartphone’s bendable OLED display offers a new level of versatility and convenience. The device can effortlessly transition from a traditional slab design to an arched shape, mimicking the appearance of a smartwatch. This remarkable adaptability creates an immersive and user-friendly experience.

3. The Magic Behind the Magnet: Securing the Bendable Smartphone

During the demonstration, Valasek wrapped the bendable smartphone around a silver band already on her wrist. While the motive behind this choice remains unconfirmed by Lenovo, experts speculate that a magnet within this band may provide a secure hold for the phone. This potential feature adds an extra layer of functionality to the device, ensuring it stays in place while being worn.

4. Elegance Meets Functionality: The Metal-Looking Connective Strip

Images of the bendable smartphone reveal a metal-looking strip, designed to connect to an additional band worn on the wrist. This strip suggests that Lenovo has designed the prototype with future accessory compatibility in mind, allowing users to personalize their device with various bands and styles.

5. Cutting-Edge Specifications: The Bendable Smartphone’s Features

According to Motorola’s press release, the concept device boasts an impressive “FHD+” resolution across its display. When laid flat, the screen measures 6.9 inches diagonally, providing a vibrant visual experience. Additionally, the prototype runs on a full Android operating system, offering the same comprehensive smartphone functionalities as any contemporary device.

6. Evolution since Lenovo Tech World ’16: Assessing the Progress

Motorola’s latest bendable smartphone prototype builds upon the concept previously presented at Lenovo Tech World ’16. While the current prototype offers increased flexibility and the ability to be bent into an upright position, the company has not announced any concrete plans for a commercial release.


Motorola’s bendable smartphone prototype presented at Lenovo Tech World ’23 has set the stage for a potential revolution in wearable technology. With its impressive adaptability, elegant design, and cutting-edge specifications, this concept device hints at exciting possibilities for the future of smartphones. While its release date remains uncertain, the bendable smartphone has undoubtedly sparked anticipation among consumers eager to experience the marriage of convenience, style, and functionality.

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