IFTTT Integration with Alexa to be Severed – What This Means for Users


IFTTT, an abbreviation for “If This Then That,” is a popular automation platform that allows users to create applets for their smart devices. It recently announced that Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, will no longer support IFTTT services starting from October 31st. This move has left many users curious about the future of their applets and how this decision may affect their automated routines. In this article, we will explore the implications of this change and discuss alternative options suggested by IFTTT to continue utilizing their services.

1. Alexa Users Say Goodbye to IFTTT: Integration to be Removed

2. The Verge Reports: “IFTTT Applets Unavailable for Alexa Users”

3. Prepare for Change: Upcoming Modifications to IFTTT Applets

The Impact on IFTTT Applets:

4. Alexa Integration: An Unavailable Trigger for IFTTT Applets

5. Automations in Jeopardy: Predictions on the Future of IFTTT Applets

6. Remedies to Preserve Your Applets: A Glance at IFTTT’s Suggestions

IFTTT Suggests Alternatives:

7. Button Widgets: A New Way to Trigger Applets on IFTTT

8. Embrace Apple Shortcuts: A Viable Option for IFTTT Users

9. The IFTTT Note Widget: An Alternative Path to Automation

10. Continued Integration with Google Assistant: A Reason to Smile

Navigating the Changes:

11. Understanding the New Triggers: “Activate” to Initiate IFTTT Applets

12. One Step at a Time: How to Update and Edit Existing Applets

13. An Eye on the Clock: Archived Applets After November 1st


14. Adapting to Change: The Future of IFTTT for Alexa Users

15. Making the Most of IFTTT: Explore Alternative Options

In this comprehensive article, we have explored the recent announcement about IFTTT’s separation from Alexa. We have discussed the impact of this change on existing applets, as well as IFTTT’s suggestions for alternative triggers. As technology evolves, it is important to be aware of these modifications and adapt accordingly to continue enjoying the benefits of automation with IFTTT.

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