Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin’s 124-Meter Long Airship Set to Take Flight in Mountain View, California


Motorists in Mountain View, California should prepare for even more traffic congestion on the 101 highway as Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s airship, Pathfinder 1, is scheduled to make its maiden flight. LTA Research, the company founded by Brin in 2015 to develop airships for humanitarian and cargo transport, recently received a special airworthiness certificate for the helium-filled airship. This certificate grants LTA the permission to conduct flight tests at Moffett Field, a joint civil-military airport in Silicon Valley.

Title 1: Airworthiness Certificate Granted for Pathfinder 1 Airship

LTA Research’s Pathfinder 1 airship, measuring an impressive 124 meters, received a special airworthiness certificate in early September. This certificate allows for the commencement of flight tests at Moffett Field with immediate effect. The certificate permits Pathfinder 1 to fly within the boundaries of Moffett Field and the neighboring Palo Alto airport’s airspaces, at altitudes of up to 460 meters (1500 feet).

Title 2: Overcoming Air Traffic Challenges: Seamless Coexistence with Commercial Airports

To ensure the airship’s operations do not interfere with commercial airport traffic, LTA Research has carefully planned Pathfinder 1’s flight path. By limiting its height and confining its operations to the areas surrounding Moffett Field and Palo Alto airport, air traffic from San Jose and San Francisco International airports will remain unaffected. This strategic planning ensures smooth coexistence between the airship and commercial airline operations in the region.

Title 3: The Objective of Pathfinder 1’s Test Program

LTA’s test plan for Pathfinder 1 aims to demonstrate the airship’s flight capabilities and establish its flight envelope. The experimental flight test program includes a comprehensive regimen of both indoor and outdoor ground testing. The test plan uses a build-up approach, gradually increasing the flight envelope, to ensure safety and reliability.

Title 4: Ground Testing Precedes Airborne Trials

Before taking to the skies, Pathfinder 1 will undergo extensive outdoor ground testing. This testing phase involves tethering the airship to a mobile mast to simulate different operational scenarios and ensure the readiness of all systems. The ground testing phase ensures that the airship is thoroughly evaluated before embarking on its low-level flights.

Title 5: Flight Time and Objectives

Pathfinder 1 is expected to complete around 25 low-level flights during its test program, accumulating a total of 50 flight hours. These flights will serve to showcase the airship’s maneuverability, response to various weather conditions, and overall performance. Through these flights, LTA Research aims to gather valuable data to further improve the airship’s design and validate its suitability for humanitarian and cargo transport purposes.


As Sergey Brin’s Pathfinder 1 airship prepares for its first flight, anticipation is building in Mountain View, California. With its recent airworthiness certificate and strategic flight plan, LTA Research is set to conduct a comprehensive test program at Moffett Field. By adhering to strict safety protocols, Pathfinder 1 will undergo extensive ground testing before embarking on a series of low-level flights to establish its flight envelope. These pioneering efforts mark a significant milestone in the development of airships for humanitarian and cargo transport, paving the way for exciting possibilities in the future.

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