Unciphered Claims Breakthrough in Cracking IronKey Encryption, But Faces Resistance in Unlocking Priceless Crypto Fortune


Seattle-based startup Unciphered has recently made headlines by announcing their breakthrough in decrypting the seemingly unbreakable encryption of the IronKey S200, a decade-old USB thumb drive. The company claims to have discovered an undisclosed vulnerability in the device that allows them to bypass the feature that erases the drive’s contents after 10 incorrect password attempts. This achievement, accomplished within a day of receiving a test device, has the potential to bring significant implications to the world of encryption.

Title 1: Unciphered: The Startup That Cracked IronKey’s Unbreakable Encryption

The Breakthrough:

By leveraging high-performance computing, Unciphered was able to successfully exploit an undisclosed vulnerability in the IronKey S200, challenging the device’s reputation for being impervious to hacking attempts. Their accomplishment has raised questions regarding the security of other supposedly impenetrable encryption technologies.

Title 2: Unciphered Sets Sights on Unlocking Stefan Thomas’ 7,002 Bitcoins

A Priceless Cryptocurrency Treasure:

Unciphered has a specific target in mind with their newfound hacking capabilities: the IronKey that holds 7,002 bitcoins, valued at approximately $235 million. Owned by Swiss crypto entrepreneur Stefan Thomas, who has forgotten the password and has only two attempts left, this unique opportunity presented Unciphered with the chance to unlock a massive fortune.

Title 3: Thomas’ Resistance: Unciphered Faces Unexpected Rejection

Thomas Remains Committed:

Despite the groundbreaking achievements of Unciphered, Stefan Thomas seems uninterested in their assistance. Although Unciphered reached out to Thomas offering to unlock his encrypted fortune, the Swiss entrepreneur declined, citing a prior agreement with two other cracking teams. Thomas remains dedicated to giving these teams more time to solve the issue, even though they have not yet achieved the same level of success as Unciphered.

Title 4: Unciphered’s Predicament: Holding the Key, but Without a Lock

Cracking the IronKey vs. Cracking Stefan Thomas:

With their breakthrough achievement in decrypting the IronKey, Unciphered finds itself in an unusual situation. They possess a highly valuable skill but lack the opportunity to utilize it. The biggest challenge for Unciphered now lies in convincing Stefan Thomas to accept their help in unlocking his crypto vault. However, Thomas is currently committed to his prior arrangements and is not open to negotiating with Unciphered.

Title 5: Unciphered’s Future Prospects: Waiting for the Lock

Potential Collaboration:

Despite the current impasse, there is still a glimmer of hope for Unciphered. Thomas did mention the possibility of subcontracting Unciphered if his current team deems it the best option. While Unciphered awaits developments, they continue to hold one of the most sought-after lockpicking tools in the world of cryptocurrency.

Title 6: Stefan Thomas’ Tale: From Inadvertent Mistakes to a Multi-Million-Dollar Loss

An Unfortunate Journey:

Stefan Thomas’s story serves as a cautionary tale. His 7,002 bitcoins were acquired in 2011 in exchange for a video titled “What is Bitcoin?” He unintentionally erased two backup copies of his wallet and lost the password to decrypt the third copy stored on the IronKey. This blunder led to the loss of what could now be worth close to $140,000.


Unciphered’s breakthrough in cracking the IronKey encryption has attracted significant attention. While they face resistance from Stefan Thomas in unlocking his 7,002 bitcoins, the startup remains optimistic about the prospect for collaboration. Unciphered’s accomplishment raises questions about the real-world security of encryption technologies. Whether or not Unciphered will ultimately succeed in persuading Thomas to seek their assistance remains uncertain, but their achievement has undoubtedly placed them on the map as a leading player in the field of encryption hacking.

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