Google Play Protect Glitch Flags Samsung Apps as Malware: Unveiling the Inconvenience Faced by Android Users


The effectiveness of Google Play Protect, a built-in malware-scanning service on Android devices, has come under scrutiny lately. In an unexpected turn of events, it flagged two widely-used Samsung apps, Samsung Wallet and Samsung Messages, as malware. This incident has raised concerns among Samsung users who have been grappling with Play Protect warnings since earlier this month. The issue has gained attention on the Google Support forum, prompting Samsung to respond by providing a fix for the problem caused by what they describe as a temporary Google server failure. In this article, we will explore the impact of this glitch and shed light on how it has affected Android users.

1. Google Play Protect: A Closer Look at Android’s Malware-Detecting Service:

Understanding the purpose and features of Google Play Protect, the default malware scanning tool on Android devices.

2. The Recent Google Play Protect Glitch: False Positives Detected:

Investigating how Play Protect mistakenly identified Samsung Wallet and Samsung Messages as potential malware, disappointing users who relied on the functionality of these essential system apps.

3. User Reactions on the Google Support Forum: Sharing Screenshots of Play Protect Warnings:

Analyzing the engagement and user feedback on the Google Support forum, where concerned Samsung users posted screenshots of Play Protect flagging their trusted apps as malware.

4. Manufacturer Response: Samsung Addresses the Issue:

Delving into Samsung’s response to the Play Protect glitch and their measures to contain the issue. Korean language explanations were provided alongside guidelines for users to rectify any damage caused by the bug.

5. Confidence Restoration: Google Server Failure Blamed:

Understanding the root cause of the Play Protect glitch as described by Samsung; attributing the issue to a temporary failure of the Google server and emphasizing that the problem has been resolved.


The recent incident involving Google Play Protect flagging legitimate Samsung apps as malware has highlighted the potential vulnerabilities within Android’s malware-scanning processes. While the problem has been resolved, it raises concerns about the reliability of Play Protect and the impact such glitches can have on users’ trust and experience. The incident also emphasizes the importance of timely responses from manufacturers like Samsung in addressing such issues and restoring user confidence in their products. As technologies evolve, it is crucial to continuously improve and enhance the security measures in place to protect users and their devices.

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