A ChatGPT-style AI Assistant Developed by Microsoft

A ChatGPT-style AI Assistant Developed by Microsoft


A ChatGPT-style AI assistant, developed by Microsoft and embedded into its office apps, will become available to all from 1 November, following trials.

Key Features

  • Microsoft 365 Copilot can summarise meetings held in Teams for anyone who chooses not to attend.
  • It can also draft emails, create word documents, spreadsheet graphs, and Powerpoint presentations in moments.

Potential Benefits and Concerns

Microsoft says it hopes the tool will eliminate “drudgery” but some worry tech like this will replace workers. There are also concerns it could leave businesses dangerously reliant on AI-powered assistance.

Regulatory Considerations

Both Europe’s AI act and China’s AI regulations state that people must know if they are interacting with artificial intelligence rather than humans.

Responsibility and Guidelines

Collette Stallbaumer, head of Microsoft 365, said it was up to the individual using Copilot to clarify that. “It is a tool, and people have the responsibility to use it responsibly,” she said. However, the EU states that it is up to the firms which develop AI tools to ensure they are used responsibly.

My Experience with Copilot

I was given an exclusive opportunity to try out Copilot, ahead of its wider launch. It uses the same tech which underpins ChatGPT, created by OpenAI – a company Microsoft has invested billions of dollars in.

Features and Performance

My demo showcased Copilot’s ability to summarise emails, generate responsive emails, create Powerpoint presentations, and provide meeting summaries in seconds.


My first impression of Copilot is that it will be a useful tool, but also a formidably competitive colleague for those who do office work – especially within companies looking to make savings.

Concerns and Criticisms

Critics say this kind of tech is likely to lead to a huge disruption in admin-based jobs. Carissa Veliz, associate professor at Oxford University’s Institute for Ethics in AI, said she was also concerned about people becoming overly dependent on such tools.

Pricing and Connectivity

Copilot will cost $30 per month. It is internet-connected and does not work offline.


While Microsoft 365 Copilot offers impressive capabilities, there are valid concerns regarding job displacement and over-reliance on AI technology. As AI continues to evolve, it is crucial for individuals and organizations to use such tools responsibly and ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines.

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