Why I Love Google Fi

This is why I love Google Fi and why the Pixel series is better than the iPhone. See below to see how you can get 8 months of free service if you switch.
So just the other day my phone was sitting on the edge of my bed and someone went to get into the bed and it bounced off, cracking the screen.
I’ve delt with Assurant many times through Verizon and never had an overall bad experience. They always replaced the phone, however there was a deductible and it took a few weeks to receive.
Not with Google Fi. I postponed it thinking I had to pay a fee upfront before I could get my phone replaced, but the screen started going out so I went ahead and called.
Within 5 minutes an email was dispatched to me to select and confirm my phone and shipping address. A new device was on the way. The deductible will be billed to my next months billing cycle. A brief hold of the full amount was placed on the bank/credit card until they receive the old phone back.
I pay $9/mo for insurance, which is about average, but for a $970 phone, it’s well worth the cost. They even replace it if it’s stolen, IIRC.
I can’t say I have ever been more relieved. The new phone will be here in 48-72 hours. I only wish I had called immediately before it started to get so bad. Now the entire bottom of my screen where the keyboard is is solid black.
Anyway, if you want to give Google Fi a whirl, you can use my referral code for $20. https://g.co/fi/r/17UTX1
The plans are great, not that expensive, pay-as-you-go, and you can bundle Youtube Premium for background play on Youtube and the full Youtube Music experience. Both ad free. A 1 year free trial comes with the Plus ($65/mo) plan.
To get the protection plan you need to buy a phone from the Fi store. I recommend signing up for Google One prior so you can get your 10% back store bonus. You will need the $10 family sized plan for $10/month, it can be shared with family and comes with a whopping 2TB of storage. https://one.google.com/about/plans
If you prefer to rent your phone, check out the Pixel Pass that gives you a new phone every 2 years, and all the perks, for only $37-$55/mo. https://store.google.com/product/pixel_pass?hl=en-US
If you don’t want to rent, here is a promo for the new Pixel 7a (a great phone! this years model) where you can get 8 months of Unlimited Plus service (including 1 Year Youtube Premium) for free with purchase. New customers only. https://fi.google.com/about/pixel-unlimited…
The Pixel series is likened to the iPhone from Google. There are no knock offs like the Samsung Galaxy series has. Google built Android, so you get the best experience you possibly can with the latest and fastest security updates right to your phone. Stay secure with the Titan M2 chip built into the Pixel 6+ series.
The swiping motions and home button are slightly different. There is no home button on the Pixel series. A swipe to the left from the right edge goes back. A swipe up from the bottom opens the app drawer. A long hold swipe up from the bottom opens the recent apps. Swipe down from the top opens notifications. Simple. Apps tend to just work better on Android than iPhone, once you get the hang of it. It’s more “modular” and has better support for integration with apps. Like a custom password manager, or a new app launcher or keyboard that you might like better. It’s customizable. With all the love from Google.

Image Credit: Pixel 7 Pro from Google Blog (https://blog.google/products/pixel/pixel-7-pixel-7-pro/)

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