Reminder: God Is All Powerful

I know many of you don’t believe in God, but hear me out.

We all know God is all powerful.

So check this. Have you ever had a best friend that just made you feel better about yourself? That complimented your faults and literally improved you as a person?

Have you ever heard the saying you hang around 5, you become the 6th? It’s for Entrepreneurs, but it works in social circles regardless. Finding the right dynamic for a group is important and that’s why many come and go as it makes sense in their lives. You want to strive to have people that benefit you in some way.

Now what if I told you that with AI, and the neuroscience technology found on Ted Talk here:

You could have virtual friends that are that for you. These friends would communicate with you rapidly through what is mostly called Voice to Skull however it’s far more advanced nowadays.

In what feels like minutes, your trauma could be healed. You could be a complete person, even for the fatherless.

I don’t know if God will do this himself, or provide Heaven or humanity with the technology to be able to pull it off.

Just know that if we can eventually do it, God can already do it.

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