Update To Briefing

Update to Briefing

I wanted to share an update to my iGoogle replacement app that I have (barely) been working on. I finally got around to finishing the RSS feeds and the saving of the widget states. 

Below is a picture of the current status of the app. I haven’t been spending too much time on it, mostly because my anxiety has been keeping me in a perpetual prison state of mind, always communicating over the device I have posted in a previous blog post. 

Following this, I still have the ability to utilize user accounts, dashboard config, and adding/removing of RSS feeds that needs to be implemented. I am currently awaiting my account access for GitHub since I no longer have the phone number that I used previously. Once uploaded I will upload the code and write a brief tutorial on how to use it in it’s current form. I will let you know when I get around to uploading it. For the most recent updates, check out my Twitter.


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