Twitter and Linkedin

Social Media each has a purpose.

I understand the need for different platforms for social media. I have thus far narrowed mine down to Twitter and LinkedIn, so no Instagram or Facebook. I do include Snapchat I guess if you call  it social media.


Twitter has a strong focus on politics. In fact, I don’t know of a single senator, governor, or president that didn’t have a Twitter profile.

Political, Great APIs for Dashboards and aggregation of information.


LinkedIn is similar to Facebook but with a more professional audience. It’s not the platform to express feelings or rant about your waitress. It is great for learning, finding jobs, and networking.

Business, Professional, Networking, Career Building

I have chosen to go without Facebook or Instagram since my posts would only get 75 tops out of over 3500 accounts I had as friends and 200+ followers. With Twitter I get impressions in the thousands if not more. 

I do have plans to look into truth social at some point as well, I just don’t know if I have a solid reason to get it involved. Politicians are not going to pay attention to it all. They might as well hire Elon Musk, he loves to tweet, but that’s beside the point.


I have yet to take the time to set up an account and server (?) for Mastadon and the Fediverse. It is on my to-do list though.



I hear good things about this one, but I do not currently use it. I suppose I need to give it a shot, but right now I am more focused on a Dashboards with relevant data to read when I wake up. Akin to iGoogle back when. It seems very well built, but outside of Donald Trump (which I am following) I don’t know who actually uses it on the regular. It is much more likely to tell the truth than any of the other platforms too.


Well that is it for now, I may update this post in the future once I try out the other 2. I do know that I have not missed Facebook at all yet. Then again I just went 6 months without a cell phone. It’s kind of nice.

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