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Learning Why We Need Privacy Online

As the first “AI” released on the world, online advertising is one of the most profitable businesses in the world; currently at around 837 billion.

Corporations are taking advantage of the weaknesses imposed by algorithms, such as sending dietary and workout videos to minors that merely considered they were overweight. After a search, they will be able to confirm they are overweight even if it’s not true – just because the websites that turn up lead them to believe it.

I have always been different when it came to being online, stemming from knowing the downsides of television, the radio, social media, etc.. I typically block ads that are too intrusive or personal. Cable television for whatever reason has commercials even though you pay for the subscription already. I was big on downloading them with the ads stripped out. 

With that said, I know I am a target. I’m not high profile, but I knew high profile information from previous hacks or leaked information. People want the world enslaved so that they watch what is now known to be population control, based on personal experience.

We need to take control of our media, documents, communications, healthcare, education, etc. so that this data is not shared and fed into the machine. The machine churns in millions of tiny churns that build up to the massive churning. (Think with your imagination) 

Video Discussing Privacy and Self-Hosting (Eanix)


The video below talks in great detail why you would want to take back your data and not share it with the cloud. 

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