Bad News I Suppose

Bad News

After being away for the last 6 months due to a simple 15 second phone call that did not even use a verb (action word), instead it was counted as a 3rd degree Felony. So now I’m pending charges for that. The bad news though is that due to being gone for 6 months, I lost everything I had online. My servers were shut down and removed. Backups was a premium feature of one of the applications I use and thus it did not get paid either, so here I am, shamed in front of the county. Lost my job, lost my apartment, lost my business, etc.. I’m thankful for my mom, because the landlord was saying they’re going to put all my belongings on the street.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened to me. Last year (2021) I was engaged by the police department and arrested on counts of a Criminal Mischief charge, which angers me because I’m not mischievous at all. It gives  me a bad reputation when the circumstances are not asked or even known. Anyway, I was evicted from my apartment and had 30 days to get out. I waited until last minute, but thankfully my mom and my sister’s mom were both there rapidly to move it all while I was gone.

Regardless, I’m going to stay positive. My enemies won’t let me get away with a good job, hell I’m barely able to program at times. Seems as if no matter how many times I type something, I forget. I forget basics, like what is the output format of function X.

I’m thankful though, because I was able to get back up and running for the most part and will avoid being capable of being in this situation again. I’m more dependent on free services (such as Cloudflare) and from there using a server I purchased in January. Thanks to the new fiber that is getting put in, it’s faster than running the site on VPS. The problem will likely be downtime. I don’t know if I can promise 99% uptime. I think it would be more like 95%. 

This story is considered by the author as true, but also has many versions. No one really knew what happened. Also, this does not say that anything else I have said is a lie. The majority of lies are statements and conversations that are out of context. You need the big picture to be able to understand, which very few do I guess. Anyone but my family just wrote me off as dead or bat shit crazy.

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