I want to apologize to those that were customers before I was swatted. If you are unfamiliar with the word swatting, it’s a previously common “prank” that gets law enforcement a way to raid your house and arrest you. I still have your media and it hasn’t been damaged. If I can’t get it to work in the next week or so I will be likely offering a full refund and some compensation for wasting your time. is on hold for now until I can get my hands on a professional VHS player with tracking on the device and not in the remote. It is currently producing green flashes which may be the adapter I’m using, but it could be how tracking problems appear when converting to digital. I have not given up though. Skitzen Technology Services may not be around anymore, but I will continue working on these along with my Web3 Home Server project – is a service that I plan to continue (that’s not concrete). I have a photo scanner available that should do a better job than my 4K camera with auto-clipping. It would work, but I don’t have the time to develop it out. Plus I’m not 100% sure on the quality of the identified photo. I plan to continue this service and will advertise once I have a good grasp on what I should charge for doing it.

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