Eanix Home Server

Home Server by Eanix

What Is It?

A Home Server is essentially a computer that is left on 24/7 to provide services to you via cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc.. These services can be public-facing so that you can access them from anywhere, or they can be private only inside the home. More info on the website: https://eanix.net/

Who Is Behind It?

Currently I am the only one working on this project. I am currently looking at my options for grant money towards Web3 to develop it out further. For more information, visit the website at eanix.net

Why Do I Need It?

Eanix.net in itself is not a service you subscribe to. It is software that you can put on any existing  compatable hardware or purchase hardware for it. 

In general, here is a few key features:

  1. Online Privacy – Privacy online has become a hot topic for debate. People are slowly beginning to realize what the power of metadata can actually achieve. Not to mention scandals such as Cambridge Analytica that Facebook had to deal with – forcing them to lock down and cripple a good bit of functionality.
  2. Online Safety – Another important topic is online safety. When you sign up for a web app, only to use it once, you still give it permissions. Sometimes these permissions are taken advantage of and can harm your safety online. 
  3. Kids 13-17 – Advertising, & Hollywood. Disney was caught sending subliminal messages through it’s VHS tapes years ago. Need I say more. Home Server by Eanix grants you as a parent the controls necessary to protect your family from predators. Not just sexual predators, but those out to con you out of money or dignity. As for advertising – you can choose to block all advertising if you desire. I see no problems doing this for the kids, but advertising is a way that many site owners make money; so if you can handle the ads then we encourage you to leave them on for adults.
  4. Content Catalog – Streaming is done from your Home Server, and you are responsible for what media shows up for the rest of the family to see. This puts you in full control of what is shown to your child, which is a major factor in this day and age. I for one would not want my child to see any LGBTQ+ content. LGB maybe, but not any further.
  5. Centralized Family Backup – All devices can backup to your Home Server. Meanwhile, server backups run often and can use any S3 bucket for the backup. By default the service Storj is used.

If you are interested, please reach out. This is not HomeLab OS or any of the others out there. Home Server by Eanix is more along the lines of a router and indeed comes with features better than most routers out there – offering deep packet inspection on all web content. All you need to do is install the certificate that is provided on every device that intends on using the internet. It of course doesn’t work well on Android 11+ as there is no longer a way to import the key for every app, and it tends to favor the app’s key that it has embedded.

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