New Site

I started this website for people to get an understanding of who I am, both professionally and even personally. I would like for this page to serve as a how-to guide and motivation to develop self-hosted applications. 

So What is Self-Hosted?

Self hosted brings the world of software as a service back into the early 2000s but with a twist. In the past you may buy Quicken for Windows at your local Walmart, but now it is mostly all online. 

Self-hosted puts the data storage and features back in the home and not in the cloud. With the irresponsibility of Facebook with Canbridge Analytica and the abuse of APIs / content scraping, the internet can be a bit dangerous. 

The future is in the home and not the cloud. As internet speeds from fiber roll outs now offer 1Gbps down and up, which is a big deal considering the low upload speed we see from cable.

My Current Focus

I am currently seeking grant money for some Web3 projects that I would like to help solve. I believe there is a big market in self-hosting almost to the point where you could run an app store for software that is available on all of your devices, while the data is stored in the home. 

My starting point for now is a news dashboard. A while back there was a dashboard from Google called iGoogle. I was able to add all my RSS feeds from news sites and see all of it in one screen. Google has since shut down this service, and I have yet to see a competitor that matches what they had to offer.

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