Ditching Facebook


After previously having an account  on Facebook with over 3500 friends, I have decided to delete my account. Instead of being censored I have decided to blog on my own website instead of posts on Facebook. For one, they show up in search results, whereas Facebook posts do not.


I am still posting on Twitter – at least as soon as I get my account back. I lost my phone number (long story) so I can’t really post anything just yet. With Elon Musk in charge I am questioning if it will be beneficial or worse off than it was before. I honestly think he could turn it into something even better than it is now. So far I have not seen any content censored and that will be the real tell-tale since the owner has a top secret clearance that may be leveraged to censor content in the future.

Web3 and What's To Come

Before my unintended vacation I was looking into the self-hosted apps available today. There is only a few that are family centric and I believe a lot more could be done to support Web3 / Decentralization and running your own home server. 

I feel that some apps for media, news, chores, calendar, contacts, etc. would be great to have hosted on your home connection. One major hurdle I have yet to truly figure out how to get around is the Hollywood Copyright law where making a copy of your DVD/Bluray is technically still copying it. I believe that once purchased we are entitled to own it how we want. As much as I dream of a deal being made with Hollywood and their digital downloads, I don’t really see that happening. What they don’t understand is there is a subset of people that would rather have their DVD collection stored on a home server. I personally do not have any kids, but with the way content is these days I know for a fact that I would be ripping my discs and streaming them out of the home using Plex; retaining full control of what content is available to my child to choose from.

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