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Hello! I’m Jared

Full Stack Software Developer. Aspiring Data Analyst. Systems Architect. System Administrator.

I’m a Full Stack developer that often gets stuck with IT Technician roles due to lack of jobs where I reside. 

I have a long history with technology and stay up to date on the latest trends, including Web3. 


I learn fast and love learning and reading about new innovations and ideas. Some ideas end up in my “lab” where I prototype the idea to see if it has any attention.  I regularly practice and implement pipelines for software development and data analytics, which I architect myself. Of course I admin the systems for these as well.

I grew up with it being just  my mom, grandmother, and myself. My mother was a kindergarten teacher at Hudson ISD, which is also where I worked for almost 8 years or so.

I’ve had a computer since I was about 5-6 years old. It was Windows 3.1 or at least all command prompt and no GUI. I remember playing Micky Mouse games. Most people know me for my computer abilities.

Email: [email protected]
Twitter @jared322022
Mastodon @[email protected]

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About Me

My Skills and Achievements

Full Stack Developer / Data Engineer
I have a wide range of knowledge from databases, to storage systems, to compute/GPU, to back end and front end development. My current interest is building out data pipelines.
Bleeding Edge
I focus on bleeding edge technology. Machine Learning/AI, Big Data, Web3, and decentralization, for example. This has me constantly searching knowledge bases online.
At only 10 years old, I was running my own lemonade stand in the front yard, selling to those that passed by. I also enjoy helping others see success.

My portfolio

Projects I work on


Skitzen Technology Services, which will eventually be Skitzen, Inc, hopefully, is a software development and web design business. It specializes in infrastructure for SaaS and web apps. It's also the umbrella for all the other projects.


Eanix, or Eanix Self-Hosted, is a future OS to take on ASUSTOR that never got funding to be developed, so now it's just a blog for self-hosting with articles and tutorials. The plan is to sell ASUSTOR in Deep East Texas.


NudeKnow is a future non-profit that helps victims of sexting leaks, revenge porn, and more. It offers the service for free while charging for partners to use the API. Users submit hashes of their photos and we collect and share the database of hashes. (Media isn't kept)


EastTexas.Social is a community run Mastodon instance for East Texas, spanning from Tyler, to Beaumont, to Livingston, and past Nacogdoches all the way to the Louisiana border.


Briefing is a self-hosted RSS reader used to aggregate news into one dashboard, similar to the late iGoogle.

Eanix Build

Eanix Build is a guide project that is a work in progress. When I purchase a new PC I plan to fully document my set up so others can achieve it as well.


Jail.Guru is a web app to search Angelina County and Nacogdoches County jail records, and to get/send notifications. The plan is to expand into the whole state of Texas.


Obit.Guru is a web app to search Lufkin Obituaries. The plan is to add a newsletter and recent obits page for $2.99/mo, which includes all funeral homes in Lufkin.


Coming March, 2024
ETXIT.Guru is the site of an expert, certified, IT Technician with a specialization in automation, available for a low $50 / hour and open on Mondays and Tuesdays 9am - 6pm.


Coming July, 2024
ETXHosting.Guru is a web hosting provider that offers Managed WordPress Hosting. Spin up a WordPress instance. Hosts are isolated, but shared with other users. $40/year + tax.


Coming November, 2024
Lufkin.Guru is a place to view business listings for various categories, view what to do in Lufkin, upcoming events, and more.


Coming March, 2025
Activist. Guru is a platform for activists to reach out as a constituent to senators, governors, the president, mayors, and more. It also will let you send Open Records Requests and filter states by common laws.

Do you have a question?

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